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A Telling Experience
Celebrating over 30 years in Story Arts

David is a remarkable speaker with a background in theatre arts, an A+ Fellow with North Carolina Arts Council, offering professional development in Arts Integrated Curriculum, a veteran of the National Storytelling Festival, an internationally touring storyteller and speaker. He has keynoted for th Sydney International Storytelling Conference, American Alliance for Theatre In Education, Mid-Atlantic StorytellerÔ€™s conference, Greater California Reading Association and numerous library and educational conferences. His aesthetic education programs find audiences across the country from the Lincoln Center Institute to the Los Angeles Music Center.
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"Madeline L'Engle once said, "Stories make us more alive, more courageous, more human, more loving." After spending the weekend in the audience and classroom of Master Storyteller, David Novak, I couldn't agree more. To all my friends who are educators, librarians, entertainers, or anyone who loves a good story, you owe it to yourselves to see this wonderful artist who truly has the gift of reverie."
— Pam Uruburu

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