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“In him, The Brothers Grimm and Carl Jung meet Monty Python.”

—Houston Storytelling Guild

David Novak combines the simple magic of theatre with the evocative movements and voices of the master storyteller. Recipient of the Circle of Excellence Award from the National Storytelling Network, Novak is a master of all storytelling genres bringing hundreds of stories to life. Whether performing at the National Storytelling Festival before thousands or in front of a small group of wide-eyed children, audiences savor each sentence and anxiously anticipate the next. He immerses himself so completely in a story and embodies each character. His love of telling is inescapable.


• Next August, David will be Storyteller-In-Residence at the International
Storytelling Festival. More info HERE!

• David's popular recording from the National Storytelling Festival, Sterling,
now available for download on CDBaby.

• Check out Journeying Jack, a new play co-authored with Jack Novak,
and winner of the Aurand Harris Playwrighting Award! More info, HERE!

• Join David for a week of "Narrative Wayfinding" at The Eliot Institute
in Seabeck Washington in July 2017. More info, HERE!

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