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David offers a variety of school assemblies and residencies!
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I take the business of telling stories seriously. Listening to stories helps us develop:
emotional intelligence  •  pattern recognition  •  creative problem-solving
cultural awareness  •  empathy for others


A typical assembly consists of 4-5 Stories selected according to grade level and season. Titles include:

First Books
stories in hands and strings
Grades K–6

They Came From Land and Sky
stories from nature
Grades K–8

Greek To Me
Classic Greek Myths retold with originality and insight Grades 6–12

The Storytellers' Fire
world folk tales
All Grades


In-class residencies can run from one day to several weeks. Popular themes include:

Story Weaving
Storytelling with string figures in world cultures. Links with the assembly program First Books.

Something Beautiful
Inspired by Sharon Dennis Wyeth€™s book "Something Beautiful." Students learn to see beauty in the world.

Tell and Tally
Math concepts in stories with chain sequences, cumulative events, additions, subtractions, and pattern recognition.

Where The Stories Begin
Connecting stories with nature to learn new strategies for identifying and creating stories. Links with They Came From Land and Sky

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